Claras ArtGarden
is a project that evolved within the last 10 years. It started when I decided to create Electronic Music. As many I tried first a simple program where one can add existing loops and sounds in tracks and finished was “a song”. It sounded not bad, but soon I noticed that it’s not enough to realize my own ideas for music. I only did copy paste” music.
I never learned playing a instrument and didn’t have any education in Music. Solution was to use Electronic Instruments and PC Programs for creating My Music. 
Fortunately I seem to have a Natural Talent for Music and Composing. Soon I decided to attend  a distance learning course for Audio Engineer to improve my skills for mixing and composing

In 2015 I joined the Virtual World of Second Life. A big surprise … there were many Artists of all kind active. I focused on musicians playing in Second Life. A bigger surprise … many musicians had their own music style that was totaly different from those I knew from “Real Life”.
It made me very happy and after talking to some of the musicians I got invited to play my music in Second Life.  The Musician Yadleen was born. It’s my Avatar in Second Life.

Besides the Music I love to take Photos. I’m not good in taking photos of persons.
My favorite is Nature. Landscapes, flowers, trees and animals.

One day the time had come to manage all my Creativity in one place – Claras ArtGarden!

Now you can take part in my Project. It’s not the first version of my Website and still evolving.


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