Virtual world


Virtual Worlds are a impressive medium for taking photos. There are so many different designed places and the Avatars are styled in many (almost) beautiful ways.

I have many photos of virtual reality. I show here my most beautiful ones – in my opinion.

2020-10-10 Autumn in Second Life

I visited 2 different places in Second Life with autumn design. Here are a few photos.

2020-09-05 Setsuko’s Selfies

My friend Setsuko shared some „Selfie“ Photos of her new avatar while exploring Second Life. I like her look very much.

Setsuko in Sushi Town – a Japanese Town in Virtual Reality

I met a old friend again. She left Second Life at the end of 2015 and is back since a few months now.
After her absence she had to update her avatar look. She decided to use a Japenese look.
We visited „Sushi Town“ for a photo session.
The „light“ is the default settings for this sim (windlight).

Fortune cookie – A Haiku


Magical leaping
How fortune cookie slithers
betrayed by the snake
[created by a poem generator]



Dark Skin Avatar at „The Sea“

I use in Second Life Avatars with different looks. One is a dark skin Avatar. The following Gallery shows Photos taken at a „Baja SIM“ – a place that remembers me to the North sea where I have been in my holidays.


A Robot in Virtual Reality

In the year 2018 I decided to create a Robot Avatar for visiting SciFi Worlds in Second Life.