In my Virtual Gallery in Second Life I organize exhibitions of Artists of both worlds (real and virtual). Many artists are create real art. means it’s physically existent and you can touch it.
In Second Life the show photos of their art.
Others only create art in virtual worlds. Those art you can look at, but never touch in real.



List of Exhibitions

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January 2020 – Art & Music 2020


The Band „Icare“ from Belgium – a Band with „disabled musicians“ – produced a CD. This CD has been released at end of January. At thew same time there is an exhibition of Paintings created by disabled artists with mental health problems.
Paintings of the Real World Exhibition were shown in my virtual Gallery.











March 2020 – Contrast + Complement 2020


Art by Claudia Demonia

“Claudia Demonia (aka DameKlaudia Demonia in SL and renamed Claudia C. Erdesathi) is a creator and photographer in SL who made lots of pictures, giving birth to many scenes in different themes. She explores the depths of moments of strength, or intensity, or confrontations or simply, in sensuality. Today, she introduces to us to a series of contrasts and complements, opposite or complementary figures of her works through selected themes, reflecting the probable idea that both sides can hold a great beauty and ambivalent feelings.”